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  • Keep your head above Water ... Climbing out of trouble! - Our animal friends have done it again. Recent torrential flooding in Tasmania virtually submerged a herd of cows and calves.  Their anxious owners unable to rescue them immediately were amazed when they finally reached the flooded area to find their cows had seized initiative by the hoof and climbed up not only on old machinery […]
  • Brebis (280 x 373) Never say Maybe to Brebis – it is far too delicious! - Ranging from the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterran – Spain to Andorra to France one local cheese stands out – Brebis Sheep Milk Cheese.   Brebis cheese has been made in the Basque and Southern French area for over four thousand years. The oldest known version is Roncal which comes from the Basque region in […]
  • app_049_img_torta_pasqua_al_formaggio Easter Cake from Umbria – Torta di Pasqua al formaggio - Last Easter we ate our way through the most marvellous Easter Cake traditional in Southern France and Italy – a Parmesan cheese cake – rich, gorgeous and totally different For those of you with some cheese on hand and a few days to Easter – enjoy the following recipe: Ingredients / Serves 12 1kg (2.2 […]
  • Cube of butter and another food in the background,selective focus Butter – which culture to use - Identifying the correct culture to use can be confusing.  Technical explanations can fluster when all that one wants to know is “How do I make Butter?” and “Why should I eat it?” Some facts that might interest: Butter is normally made from cows milk but can also be made using sheep, goat, buffalo and even […]
  • Champion Home Crafted Curds & Whey (Anna Rolfe) and winner Phillippa White 2.(400 x 262) Champion Winner – Sentry Hill Quark made by Phillippa White - Phillippa is the classic story of a really dedicated girl who wanted to farm and milk her Ewes and then Ewe have it – make Cheese! Phillippa who lives in Hawkes Bay gets up early to milk her sheep.  Inside the cheese room and by 8.30am cheesemaking is in progress.  Learning by trial, error and […]