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Our cheesemaking supplies and equipment are now available for sale online right here! So if you have ever wondered what it takes to make a fabulous cheese you have come to the right place! Please browse our site and the variety of useful, long lasting, high quality products that we offer and recommend.

Supporting cheesemakers

Home Cheesemaking

Curds & Whey are pleased to provide cheese starter kits, plus a wide range of cheesemaking molds & presses, books, testing equipment, cultures & yeasts.   We also offer quality epicurean items suitable for both dining and kitchen use including the highly renowned Norwegian Bjorklund/Boska range of specialty cheese slicers and Amitto table cutlery.

Champions of Cheese logo (100 x 100) 2.jpgCurds & Whey is the sole sponsor of the Home Crafted Cheesemaker and the Home Crafted Cheese at the annual NZ Champions of Cheese Awards

Quality is important to us and our focus is to provide you with premium products allied to extensive technical back up and advice

Gift Certificates are available. To assist you please contact us

Commercial Cheesemaking

Curds & Whey has access to a wide range of European commerical cheesemaking equipment and supplies. The range of equipment available is ideal for everyone from the large commercial cheese producer, artisan cheese maker to cheese shops, restaurants and delicatessens - and we are help to help you facilitate this. We can also source second hand commercial equipment.

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