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  • nz-champions-of-cheese-awards This October is Cheese Month with NZ SPECIALIST CHEESEMAKERS ASSOCIATION - It’s nearly October and Cheesy time again –  throughout the country we are celebrating cheese – so watchout for news in your local paper; visit your local cheesemaker, specialty supermarket; local delicatessen and enjoy the variety of cheese on offer.  it is a lot of fun – you can trial and eat some very individual […]
  • Sacco is never Inhibited – LC4P1 sees to that! - What every Producer wants is to maximise his resources, time and eliminate wastage.  Too often products pick up unwanted bacteria and have to be thrown out.  That is a frustrating inhibitor!  What one needs is an actual inhibitor and LC4P1 is the Inhibitor that we have been waiting for.  Recently developed by Sacco and the […]
  • IMG_3055 Award winning Artisan Cheesemaker Jan Walters Crescent Dairy Goats likes the Cheesecloth - Jan Walters, Crescent Dairy Goats is a unique personality and a Gold Award winner each year at the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards.  One year at the presentation ceremony when Jan won another Gold, the presenter humorously mentioned that Jan’s cheese was so excellent it had all been eaten – so no cheese to view […]
  • O'Lelei Yo chief executive Matt Billington (right) 16, preps his almond yoghurt with Buster Milani, 15 and Frances Haagh 17 O’Lelei-Yo – Not so nuts after all! - A Team of Henderson High School Students who are participating in this year’s Young Enterprise of the Year Award Scheme have spent the last six months learning about the intricacies of business development. The Team led by Matt Billington have worked their way through the labyrinth of setting up a business, formulating a business plan […]
  • 19502_813071Hand demonstrating use of cloth  (160 x 160) Cheese – Chutney – Jam – Who wants to drain the Mustard! - Blue disposable absolutely super draining cloth – new to NZ – Precision Cut Textiles UK are known for their quality draining cloth which can be used for many types of cheesemaking and really any type of process where liquid requires to be extracted from mass.  Termed Blue Disposable Cheese Cloth if sterilised after use it […]