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  • Snow cheese – just a little bit of nonsense on a cold day! - Its cold everywhere today so how about Snow Cheese on the menu! Thanks to Grell-Ka for providing us with such a cool picture!
  • View of Cheese Blocker Cutting Time and Cheese! - Cube – dice – block The Boska Divide-O-Matic and Boska Cheese Blocker are now in stock. No more weary arms straining at the knife trying to ready a cheese board for twenty in 20 seconds flat. Or cutting small cheese blocks for 500 patients for lunch.  Or valiantly cutting cheese samples at a trade fair! […]
  • Milk is Magical Dairy Industry Conference – Australia coming up very soon - To all those dairy oriented people if you are off to the Dairy Industry Conference in Melbourne  next week which takes place on May  13 and 14 and you want to know about Sacco cultures don’t forget to call in and chat to both the Sacco representative over specially from Italy and Danny O’Regan and […]
  • Stilton - one of those amazing cheeses that we cannot do without COLSTON BASSETT STILTON - Colston Bassett is one of the smallest Stilton Dairies in the country. They buy milk from 5 farms surrounding the dairy. They have been buying from the same farms since the 1920s. Since 1920, there have only been 4 head cheesemakers at Colston Bassett: Tom Coy, Ernie Wagstaff, Richard Rowlett and now Billy Kevan. Their […]
  • John Morawski John Morawski’s Gold Medal Wensleydale - John is a food technologist and knows the subtleties of taste! He won the Curds & Whey sponsored Home Crafted Cheesemaker and Home Crafted Cheese with a superb tasting Wensleydale. Awarded on Tuesday evening at the annual NZ Champions of Cheese  dinner at the Langham – John seemed rather proud of his achievement.  But he […]