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  • Excess milk – freeze it - If you have excess milk and wish to freeze for later use the following link will provide useful advice on the steps you have to take
  • Happy New Year 2019 – lets cheese along together! -
  • NZ Cheese Month coming up in October - Fun and Festivals – cheese and wine – all come together in October throughout the country.  For a list of local activities check out the NZ Specialty Cheesemakers Association
  • Economies of scale .. - Loving your artisan making and want more .. We want to help so have introduced a sliding discount scale for the purchase of one to three 20Unit cultures.  This is such a good idea – more for yourself – some for a friend – a good Christmas present a school project – endless possibilties!  Go […]
  • Cultures galore @ Curds & Whey - We want to provide the finest selection of cultures for your use and delight. Available on is an excellent range of freeze dried cultures for cheese, yoghurt, butter and other allied products as well as some vegan cultures now becoming more widely available. For commercial customers we provide access to a huge range of […]