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Curds & Whey are pleased to provide an increasingly wide range of dairy and vegan cultures, yeasts and enzymes that make all sorts of fabulous tasting cheese, butter, yoghurt as well as the equipment to make your product – cheesemolds, books, testing equipment, wax – we are a cheesy sort of place!

We also love helping you with your problems and are always available for technical assistance and support. This support applies to home cheese makers as well as commercial product development

Please browse our site and the variety of useful, long lasting, high quality products that we offer and recommend.

We represent fabulous companies such as our Dutch friend C van’t Riet Dairy Technology who provide small to large dairy installations.

Cultures – you have got to have cultures that make your mouth tingle. Dairy or Vegan Bioprox continually innovate. They are also terrific with product development advice. Most important when starting off. A la fromage francais!

Busqui Spain – have moulded themselves into – yes you have guessed it – a top knotch manufacturer of commercial cheese moulds reflecting every style required for cheese

Having set yourself up with lots of equipment you have to keep it clean so available to you is a huge range of cleaning and hygiene equipment – another kind of mold that we have sorted!

All you have to do is ask so if you have a specific request – or any questions and comments – don’t hesitate to email ring us or drop us a line!

Kind Regards,
The Curds & Whey Team

We are not only into cheese – we offer lots of other options as well.

We are Australasian distributors for...

C van’t Riet Dairy Technology
Busqui Spain