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Commercial Cheesemaking

Curds & Whey has access to a wide range of European commerical cheesemaking equipment and supplies. Pre-ordering is required for multiple quantities.

The range of equipment available is ideal for everyone from the large commercial cheese and food producer, artisan cheese maker to cheese shops, restaurants and delicatessens – we are help to help you facilitate this.

Always innovating we are delighted to introduce to you French contemporary dairy cultures from Bioprox France – a subsidiary of the Proxis Developpment Group and Danisco France.

We work closely with the Technical Teams at Bioprox France Danisco France and Sacco Italy in the product development area. 

We welcome all enquiries and work closely with the client to obtain the best product and client outcome.  As part of the development process we provide trial samples for product testing development which is combined with technical advice.

Curds & Whey are ANZAC agents for the following companies:

C. van’t Riet Dairy Technology, Holland

C van’t Riet Dairy Technology provide more than 120 years of proven experience in the provision of dairy-equipment suitable for the production of cheese, yoghurt, butter and milk.

Continuous innovation combined with advanced technologies guarantee that C van‘t Riet Dairy Technology provide optimal results for dairy and food processing. Every effort is made by C van’t Riet Dairy Technology to provide top quality equipment at an attractive price.

Boska Holland

Already at the cutting edge Boska Holland is known for a wide range of cutting knives and machines suitable for supermarkets, delicatessens, cheese shops etc.

Boska have now innovated into larger cutting machines for commercial application. Their machines can cut from soft to hard cheese of all types. Please contact us for information and quote

Busquí Commercial Cheese Moulds SL Spain

Busquí S.L. Spain has being dedicated to the manufacture of cheese moulds for more than fifty years.

Experience acquired during these years has allowed them to create and perfect technologically advanced moulding systems and models with recent innovation to micro-perforated moulds manufactured as a one piece unit using environmentally friendly materials.Busquí undertakes research and development projects aimed at continually improving the design of their products and liaise closely with clients to obtain a satisfactory installation.All Busquí moulds have a one year guarantee.

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