Artisan Cheese Starter Kits – covering a comprehensive range of different cheeses that you can make at home

Simple DIY Artisan cheesekits that act as a gateway to cheesemaking. Quality taste and easy to use cultures. Easy to follow instructions. Economic as it costs under 23c per litre of milk to turn your curdsandwhey into the magic of cheese, butter or yoghurt. And the sachet contents not only make your first batch of cheese but a great deal of cheese thereafter – 18-80kg of hard cheese would not be unusual using the culture from the larger culture sachet. Satisfying not only to yourself but greeted with pleasure by friends and family.

If you wish to make up your own specific Cheese Kit we are happy to help and advise so please contact us for further details. Our kits are packed very simply, and if you are purchasing as a gift, please let us know so that an extra packing layer can be provided.

Curds & Whey are here not only to get you started into cheesemaking but also to provide the continued technical support that one requires when launching into such an adventure