Carton Commercial Draining Cloth for Food – Cheese – Jams & Chutneys etc

Perforated Blue Film Draining Cloth developed for the Food Industry

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10392450_784986608254531_7936468651007123874_nBlue Disposable Cheesecloth: a food grade polyethylene perforated film designed specifically for the cheese making process, and general filtration material. It is inert and therefore does not hold any moisture. The result is that it does not stick to the Cheese/ Food product or give an environment for any bacterial growth.

Used in the production of fresh and hard Cheeses (including Organic), Paneer and Tofu.

Where liquid has to be separated from pulp the perforated draining cloth is what you need.  Although termed disposable the draining cloth can be washed and reused frequently so very cost effective:

Recommendation from an Artisan Cheesemaker/ Culinary class professional (UK):

  “I think your cheese cloth is a fabulous product – I say each week that is not ‘disposable’ cheese cloth, but what I prefer to call ‘recyclable’ as it can be used again and again. I mentioned at the Waitrose class last week that the only way to destroy it is to melt it on the gas ring – as the WI ladies did recently! I tell students to either wash in the machine at 60 degs or to place in dishwasher, ensuring it’s well rinsed of detergents afterwards. It would easily last 6 months with regular use and is brilliant too for jam/jelly, sloe gin and elderflower cordial making! View of perforated cloth (280 x 167)

I also demonstrate when turning out halloumi from the mould why I love it so much – all the curd turns out beautifully and cleanly with none remaining on the cloth. Being blue any curd chips are easy to see also! “

Size in stock at present:

PCT32/2/117cm x 36cm – Carton x 500 sheets

Environment Certificate:

Environment Management system cert Precision

We can access many different sizes suitable for your particular production requirements.

Please contact us and we will provide different stock sizes and a wholesale price for commercial producers.  Given present trading conditions caused by the impact of Covid 19 a longer delivery time is forecast.  However all sizes are available and this is a very useful product  not only for curd drainage but many other food applications.

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