From the simple contents of a milk bottle to a great cheese of the world. We can all do it but we do need to know how!

One of today’s most informative educators and inspirers of cheese is New Zealander Juliet Harbutt, award winning author of The World Cheese Book. With over 30 years experience Juliet inspires buyers, cheesemakers and chefs around the world.

Juliet is going to be in Auckland shortly to inspire us with versatile, interesting courses – all about cheese

Where: NZ School of Food & Wine

When: Tuesday 16 to Saturday 20 September 2014
Monday 16 March to Friday 20 March 2015


Also available is a “Great Cheeses of the World” seminar

Where: NZ School of Food & Wine

When: Sunday 21 September and Monday 22 September 2014

All details are available on Juliet’s website: