Fonterra announces new palm products sourcing standard

Fonterra has adopted a new standard for sourcing of palm products as part of its commitment to sustainability. The standard was developed in consultation with key supply partners, and it follows discussions with Greenpeace that began in December 2015 to strengthen Fonterra’s existing sustainable palm products sourcing procedures.

“The new standard requires us to purchase only segregated supply palm oil by 2018, and to work with suppliers of palm products to  ensure that plans are in place for full traceability to plantation
by 2018,” said Fonterra’s Director of Social Responsibility, Carolyn Mortland.

“We want to ensure that there is no risk of deforestation within our supply chain. This standard aims to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of suppliers and to protecting conservation values.”

The standard applies to both palm oil and to palm kernel expeller (PKE) that is used by some farmers as animal feed.


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