Cheese Starter Kit – Camembert Cheese

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This Cheese Starter Kit contains everything you need to make your own Camembert and other white rind cheese

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This Cheese Starter Kit contains everything you need to make your own Camembert. After making Camembert you can continue to use your core ingredients to make other cheeses – Gouda, Edam, Montorey Jack, Chevre and much much more

Kit comprises one each:

• 1 sachet of freeze dried mesoophilic culture.  Cultures are very multi functional and capable of making a wide range of product.  (We use either Bioprox 20U sachet size or Sacco 10U sachet size-  a sachet covers up to  1000L milk)
• Penicillin candidum – again this specialist culture will cover 1500+L of milk so keep cool and dry for long term use Please note until new stocks best by date 08/23
• Renco Rennet standard 120ml bottle
• Calcium Chloride powder (100gm)
• Camembert open hoop
• General purpose ricotta molds x 2
• Cheese wrap
• Mini measuring spoons which makes measuring culture so much easier
• Camembert and Large curd cottage cheese recipes & general tips

Culture, rennet and calcium chloride have a long shelf life when kept in a cool environment. Culture covers 25+kg of cheese according to application level

Optional addition: If you wish to also use Geotrichum Candidum which adds considerable taste and sophistication to cheese please contact us direct and we can arrange this for you. E