Cheese Starter Kit – Blue Mold Cheese

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This starter kit contains everything you need to make your own Blue Cheese… and more Please note that the amount of penicillin roqueforti that you obtain will cover up to 1500L milk.  The amount of your general culture covers 1000L milk.

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This starter kit contains everything you need to make your own blue cheese – using the magic ingredient penicillin roqueforti for blue mold growth. After making your initial blue cheeses from the recipes provided you can go on and make stilton, roqueforti – anything that you fancy.  You can also use your base culture to make many general cheeses – white camembert and brie, feta, haloumi, cheddar, creme fraiche and much much more.

Kit comprises one each of:

• 1 sachet of freeze dried mesoophilic culture.  Cultures are very multi functional and capable of making a wide range of product.  (We use either Bioprox 20U sachet size or Sacco 10U sachet size-  a sachet covers up to  1000L milk)
• Penicillin roqueforti. 10U Sachet covers up to 1500L milk (This specialty culture is ordered in. Wait time 3 days min)
• Renco Rennet standard 120ml bottle
• Calcium Chloride powder (100gm)
• Open Cheese hoop
• General ricotta molds x 2
• cheese wrap
• Mini measuring spoons which makes measuring culture so much easier
• Blue cheese – Danish Blue, Large curd cottage cheese, Mascapone recipes & general tips

Culture, rennet and calcium chloride have a long shelf life when kept in a cool environment. Culture covers 50+kg of cheese according to application level