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Cheese Starter Kit – Italian Mozzarella Cheese

This kit contains everything you need to make your own mozzarella

Waiting for the Mozzarella culture to come into stock. Back online soon.

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Want to make Mozzarella? This kit contains everything you need to make your own mozzarella. Thereafter you can make many other cheeses ranging from softer style cheese to semi hard.

Kit comprises one each of:
• Bioprox Di-Prox TPF2 20UA
• Renco Rennet standard 120ml bottle
• Lipase (if you do not like calf, please let us know your preference either kid or lamb available
• Calcium Chloride powder (100gm)
• General basket mold
• General ricotta molds x 2
• Cheese wax
• Cheese wrap
• Mini measuring spoons which makes measuring culture so much easier
• Mozzarella and Large curd cottage cheese recipes & general tips

Culture, rennet & calcium chloride all have a long shelf life. Your culture will make between 50+kg cheese acording to culture application.  Keep in a cool environment