Bioprox Aroma-Prox MS01 – Brevibacterium Linens; Geotrichum candidum and more

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Bioprox  Aroma-Prox Ms01 is an extremely versatile ripening aroma product containing the following strains:

Geotrichum candidum; Debaryomyces hansenii; Brevibacterium Linens; Staphyloccus xylosus

and is suitable for ripening of different soft cheese types.  This mix offers fast coverage of the surface and development of specific flavours

bbd 05/25

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Bioprox Aroma-Prox MS01 is a versatile ripening and aroma culture containing the strains

Geotrichum candidum

Debaryomyces hansenii

Brevibacterium Linens

Staphyloccus xylosus

10D sachet covers  app 1000+ 1500 litres milk. Culture has a long shelf life when kept in a cool environment.  Helpful Hints enclosed.

Bio Aroma Prox MS 01CCE_000045(1)

Bioprox Certificate OK Kosher Dairy cultures 310518

bbd 05/25