Bioprox CP 63 40Dose- fights moulds and yeasts that cause problems

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Bioprox CP 63 recently produced in France is an absolutele winner as it is a highly efficient biopreservative specially formulated to fight all the bugs and moulds that inhibit a product.  Not only does it inhibit mould, it provides longer shelf life and the product itself is much creamier and delicious to eat.

bbd 02/26

Bioprox recent innovation into cutting edge technology brings up CP 63 a highly effiective mould inhibitor which is finding great popularity with  commercial and private producers.  Containing Lactocaseibacillus rhamnosus and Lactiplantibacillus plantarum.

This combination is optimized to limit the development of a large range of yeasts and moulds commonly found in the dairy industry. This culture is the most efficient in dairy products fermented below 32°C. This unique combination is also able to develop creamy flavour and to reduce acidity perception when used in applications.

40Dose sachet covers 2000+L

bbd 02/26

BIOPROX CP 63 – 02 2021