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Large Display Therma-Hygrometer

Ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity of your cheese…

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Ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity of your cheese or any other similar product.

Also ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity in classrooms, offices, factories and similar to ensure optimum working and learning conditions are maintained. The ABS case measuring 20 x 100 x 110m incorporates a useful foldaway stand and a keyhold slot for hanging on a wall.

The Therma-Hygrometer simultaneously displays humidity, temperature and a colour coded comfort level. The minimum and maximum readings are also recorded and can be displayed or reset with the push of a button.


Range: Temperature 0 ~ 50°C Humidity 1 ~ 99%RH
Resolution: Temperature 0.1°C Humidity 1%RH
Accuracy: Temperature ±1°C Humidity ±5%RH

Battery: 2 x 1.5 Volt AAA batteries provides 10,000 hours of operation
Display: Dual custom LCD

110(H) x 100(W) x 20mm, 150gm