Vertical Cheese Press

This press is used to press whey from the curd…

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The C. van’t Riet vertical cheese press is very easy to operate and is used to press whey from the curd. It is suitable for various types of cheese and is also suitable for using differential pressure.

The C van’t Riet press is equipped with a number of pneumatic cylinders. The capacity of the press is determined by the number of cylinders installed.

The frame of the press is made from a stainless steel box profile. The press is mounted on supports that are adjustable in height and is provided with a stainless steel collecting plate with outlet for the whey.

The cylinders are fitted with a single or double pressing stamp, can be operated independently and are shielded by a stainless steel cover. The operating devices are built into the cover.

If required an air compressor can be supplied with the vertical cheese press.