Home Cheesemaking & All Things Dairy DVD

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DVD by Elizabeth Fekonia (Australia)

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You will like Elizabeth Fekonia’s DVD on Home Cheesemaking and all things Dairy produced recently in Australia

Home Cheesemaking and all things Dairy is an eco-film which is simple and easy to follow

Elizabeth’s Home Cheesemaking DVD is your in-home tutorial workshop that you can share with friends while you either watch it over a cup of tea or actually start your cheesemaking –

• Tips for natural animal health
• How to make a hard cheese – in this case Cheddar
• How to make a soft cheese – in this case Brie
• How to make Cottage Cheese
• How to make Sour Cream
• How to make Yoghurt
• How to make Butter
• How to make Ghee
• How to make Kefir

The DVD is simple and easy-to-follow with many useful tips so that you gain confidence quickly and love the taste of your homemade cheese