Danisco Penicillin Candidium HP6 10D – suitable Lactic and Vegan consumption

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A truly versatile specialty mould culture suitable for everyone.  This culture can be used by those using normal milk or by the Vegan community who want a vegan mould cheese

Use in conjunction with your base culture suitable for Camembert and further taste enhancement can be made by addition of the specialty geotrichum candidum culture.  You will produce a fabulous tasting cheese!

 bbd 07/25

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Danisco Penicillin Candidium HP6 is a hugely versatile culture as it is suitable for both lactic and non lactic production. It is suitable for Vegan consumption.

HP6 is a specialty culture which provides white rind coverage. Can be used in conjunction with geotrichum candidum to produce an eclectic taste provoking rinded cheese

Contents generally covers 1250-3350L produced Danisco France + Helpful Hints enclosed

HP6 Vegan Statement

Please see Technical Information Sheet Danisco Penicillin Candidum HP6 10D

Danisco Code of Conduct CCE02082018

 bbd 07/25