Bookbinders Emulsion

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Tired of  fraying books, packaging, stationery, padding, scrapbooks etc.  Bookbinders Emulsion is the answer –  easy to apply with a good shelf life if stored correctly

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Bookbinders Emulsion ideal for bonding porous surfaces and ideal for packaging, stationery, scrapbooks, padding and book binding.

400g pottle. Good shelf life if stored correctly. bbd 8/19

Please see supplier statement below:

Statement from Blue Box Technical Ltd

Ref: Book Emulsion Best Before date.  The emulsions are water based and the main/sole factor determining shelf life is the risk of fungal growth in the emulsion.  There is an antifungal agent in the 1A11 but Blue Box Technical do not guarantee performance beyond 1 year.

The  book emulsion will work competently if there are no fungal out breaks visible.  Any fungal outbreak will be clearly visible if present as a black or dark green fuzzy circles .

If these are not evident the product will  perform to specification.

ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

Please see Technical Information Sheet – Bookbinders Emulsion