Why eat Cheese?  OK we like it but people keep telling us it makes us fat fat fat!  Well that can be true as cheese does contain fat but it tastes so good – that wonderful Camembert or Washed Rind which are begging to be eaten!  But here are a few facts you may not know –


Some Pros and Cons..

Nutrition –  High concentration of essential elements such as phosphorous, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B 12, riboflavin and a really good element Calcium which leads on to

Cavity Prevention – teeth love calcium and low lactose in cheese means less harm to your teeth.  So spend money on cheese rather than dental bills!

Cancer Prevention – Cheese contains substances called Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids that help prevent cancer. In addition vitamin B in cheese is good for maintaining body functions and protecting the body from disease

Bone Strength – Cheese is high in calcium content and rich in vitamin B

Osteoporosis – Oh so painful.  But think cheese which contains protein, calcium, and a high intake of vitamins and minerals so a nibble a night might be just what you need

High Blood Pressure – Sodium and cholesterol are the elements that are considered harmful and hypertensive people are told to avoid them. Cheese in this situation must be considered critically and if you are anxious about your blood pressure make sure to read labelling thoroughly and check out the fat content

Weight gain – well yes that is a difficult one which we all have to consider


(Thanks to Doctors Solve for providing the Heath information – http://bit.ly/2cEBzZ4)