Making really thick Sour Cream using Sacco M342N culture (also suitable for Buttermilk and Quark)

Follow these directions carefully, using full cream, add the Sacco sour cream starter and you will have the best homemade sour cream and buttermilk ever …. no preservatives or additives.

General Equipment

You will need the following items:
• A yoghurt maker, or a jar large enough to hold one litre of cream
• Dairy thermometer
• Container to put the jar in or a blanket and a warm spot if you do not have a yoghurt maker

Your Ingredients

• 1 Litre of full cream
• 1 dose of Sour cream starter culture (sachet contains 80-100 doses/1 litre milk)

Directions for Sour Cream

• Mix into your cream a tiny amount of culture starter ie 1/64th teaspoon – a “drop” of culture starter
• Keep cream at a temperature of between 20 – 30deg C until the cream sets solid. This may take 2 – 3 days
• Refrigerate when set and enjoy

Directions for Buttermilk

Cultured buttermilk is the by product of making cultured butter but you can make an equivalent to it simply

• Mix one part of pasteurised milk with three parts of pasteurised skim milk
• Bring to 25 – 30deg C
• Mix into your milk a tiny amount of culture starter ie 1/64th teaspoon – a “drop” of culture
• Hold at 25-30degC until it coagulates
• Refrigerate until cold then mix or shake and break into a pourable liquid

Sacco cultures are direct vat cultures and can either be added direct to milk or cream; or added to cool, boiled water and then added to either milk or cream.