Sacco cultures win again – Hipi Sheep Yoghurt

The annual Cuisine Artisan Awards is a unique forum for producers of quality products. Among this year’s winners is Hipi Sheep Yoghurt, For those of you interested in your health, keeping your cholesterol in trim and wanting to bounce with healthy probiotics then Hipi yoghurt is for you.

Hipi – the Maori term for Sheep – has been on the NZ market for approximately 12 months – in that short time it has made an impact through specialty stores, delicatessens, food shows and the public love it.

Sheep milk suits the lactose intolerant, the probiotics are good for you, the yoghurt is thick and delicious with no added thickeners and Hipi has a very long shelf life. What more do you want!

Curds & Whey are proud suppliers of the Sacco cultures that have contributed to the success of this wonderful product and congratulate the Hipi team that produced such a stunning result. Interested in reading more – then check out: