Versatile culture Sacco ST071 makes a variety of Cheese including Pasta Filata cheese eg Mozzarella + yoghurt

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Sacco ST071 is an extremely versatile culture and produces a wide range of cheese which includes the harder cheese range inluding Pasta Filata – stretched cheese such as Mozzarella plus you can make a very tasty yorhurt.

Also very suitable for souring beer

expiry date 20/11/2021

Sacco Lyofast ST071 10U – Thermophilic/mesophilic blend. Suitable for wide range of cheese including harder cheese, Pasta Filata as well as different yoghurt styles. 1000L coverage

Good shelf life. Ideal for people who want tasty yoghurt. See below.  Helpful Hints enclosed

10U – covers 1000L milk

See Technical Information Sheet Sacco ST 071

Read CLERICI-Halal certificate

expiry date 20/11/2021