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Natamax Anti-mycotal Fungal Coating

GA 906 Natamax  is an anti-mycotal fungal coating developed specifically to protect the rind of your cheese from coloured mold prior to coating or waxing of the cheese.

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Natamax is a powerful anti-mycotal fungal agent which has as its main active ingredient Natamycin. Check out The sealed pottle contains a 0.6gm amount which covers a 1 litre container of EVA coating which would equate to many kilos of cheese coverage. This is the modern way to avoid mold growth on the rind of your cheese and is being used increasingly by commercial cheesemakers

Suitable for cheese, yoghurt, cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, shredded cheese.

Other uses: Direct addition to fruit juices; fruit pulp; canned foods; quick frozen lobster; fish pastes; fish roe

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GA906 – Natamax

0.6 grams