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FoodSafe Fridge Thermometer

An encased fridge thermometer…

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A traditional fridge thermometer only measures the air temperature which is a major problem because cold air is heavier than warm air and therefore “drops out of the fridge” the moment the door is opened.

The FoodSafe Thermometer – food simulant fridge thermometer, on the other hand, is an encased fridge thermometer that ensures that it indicates temperature similar to that of the food stored in the fridge or chill cabinet. Therefore it is not subject to the changes in air temperature that normally occur when the door is opened.

It is the temperature of the food that is important in preventing the growth of food poisoning bacteria and also important in the process of affinage or ripening the cheese.

The easy to read FoodSafe Thermometer is ideal for domestic or commercial use as it is reliable, robust and hygienic. The thermometer indicates temperature over the range of -20 – 40 deg Celcius with an accuracy of +/-1 deg Celcius over the range of -5 – 20 deg Celcius and 2 deg Celcius thereafter. The unit is housed in a clear plastic case with a hook.

140mm (H) + hook