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Aromatic traditional yoghurt can be used as a drinkable or set Yoghurt – Culture Lyofast 470 E 50U

This culture produces an aromatic viscous yoghurt suitable as a drinkable yoghurt or a set and stirred yoghurt.

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You will be delighted with the results of your yoghurt making – thick yummy yoghurt combined with fresh fruit and muesli!. Sachet size is for the serious yoghurt maker who wants to make premium yoghurt. dv – direct vat. Long shelf life.

Sacco Lyofast Y 470 EL dv – direct vat – consists of specifically selected strains of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus.   Lyofast Y 470 E ensures a uniform and controlled production of traditional, aromatic, viscous yoghurt used for drinkable yoghurt, set and stirred yoghurt.

Sacco Lyofast Y 470E  is also suitable for the keen brewer who wants to “sour the beer” and produce a significantly different  taste

50U covers 2000 to 5000 litres milk Helpful Hints enclosed

Technical Data Sheet Sacco 470 E

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Read Sacco-Halal certificate 2015

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