Bioprox RP80 – Bioprotective culture

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Bioprox  RP80 15D – a bio protective culture suitable for use with  both lactic and non lactic milks.   Suitable for vegetarian and gluten free diets.  Provides a fresh creamy overtone to the product.

Works beautifully!

bbd 06/23

Bioprox RP80 Bio protective culture

Bioprox RP 80 has been developed for the biopreservation of  fermented products. It is composed of Lactobacillus strains selected for their inhibitory capacities against a large range of microorganisms including moulds and yeasts.

Thus when Bioprox RP 80 is combined with lactic starters we observe a limited growth of spoilage microorganisms during the shelf life of the resulting fermented product

15D Unit sachet covers  app 1000+ litres milk. Culture has a long shelf life when kept in a cool environment.  Helpful Hints enclosed.

Suitable for both lactic and non lactic products

Suitable for vegetarian and gluten free diets

CCE_000002(2) Bioprox RP80

Bioprox Certificate OK Kosher Dairy cultures 310518

bbd 06/23