NZ Specialty Cheese Association Annual Awards – Winners 2024

The NZ Specialty Cheese Awards held in Hamilton, Waikato this week is a great way to support New Zealand Cheese making. From what I have noticed in the years that Curds & Whey has sponsored the NZ Amateur Cheesemaker Award continual committed research and development goes into producing a good tasty cheese!  We have large companies; we have  small companies;  we have talented individuals – and wow their cheese tastes good!

We support domestic artisan cheesemakers. That is who we are. Many are the times when I am asked – “Anna I added the culture and followed instructions – watched it – nurtured it and it did’nt turn out right! Why?”  Good question – there are a multitude of probabilities.  And that is where an interest turns into a passion when after trial, error and more than a touch of frustration – the next phone call I receive is – “my cheese has improved so much. We eat it – our friends eat it and we sold out at the local market!”

Isn’t that an inspiration!

In the last few years increasing numbers of High schools , Catering Schools, Technical Colleges are teaching the basics of cheesemaking.  After all NZ is a cheese country and why not aim for a career in cheese!

We have been inspired recently at the tremendous skill and competence of St Peters College, Epsom Auckland where the Science Department has the most wonderful Head of Science – Dr Anthony Rogers who goes above and beyond to translate scientific formula into understandable fact – through cheesemaking.  For the last three years St Peter’s College boys have won the Amateur Cheesemaking Award for their truly amazing Blue Cheese. I know I have tried it!

The St Peters College team could not attend on Thursday as it was a school week but they will be recognised shortly in a more public fashion when the Amateur Award trophy is presented to the boys.  So more to come with a few photos!

We congratulate all other winners this year who deservedly won Awards for producing unique, interesting, tangy tasting cheese.