zn_pirineos_im_01.jpg_369272544 (280 x 114)Ranging from the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterran – Spain to Andorra to France one local cheese stands out – Brebis Sheep Milk Cheese.   Brebis cheese has been made in the Basque and Southern French area for over four thousand years. The oldest known version is Roncal which comes from the Basque region in Northern Spain. Brebis the sheep’s milk cheese a name controlled cheese Ossau-Iraty from the Pyrenees has a slightly higher moisture content than Roncal.

Traditionally Brebis  has a rich texture due to high butterfat content of sheep’s milk. The flavor profile is nutty with delicate notes of pasture “flora”—the wild grasses, herbs, and flowers of the Spring pasture which can change slightly throughout the year with different flora types.

So there you are happily on holiday in the Cathar region of France visiting the unforgettable city of Carcassone and what do you see on the fromage plat but Brebis – the sumptuous cheese that makes one smile.    castle-612816_960_720-e1456330137454 (280 x 161)

To enhance the great pleasure of Brebis pair with locally produced Cerise Noir (Black Cherry) or Fig Preserve or a Dark Honey. Delicious also with toasted nuts.  Pair with a classic Madiran or Cahors wine (same grape as Malbec) both of which are made in the Pyrenees region of France.  After that it is time to exercise and a walk up tot he old city of Carcassone would seem the perfect solution.