David Asher is the author of the art of natural cheesemaking.

He is well known internationally and focuses on cheesemaking using old and traditional methods. He creates his own cultures  mostly kefir based. He grows and shows students how to grow their own moulds too. A raw milk guru with a world wide following.

He runs classes at the black sheep school of cheesemaking


David’s methods will be of interest to kefir users and those interested in the natural organic method of cheesemaking

David will be giving a Cheesemaking Workshop on 1 4 . 0 1 . 1 7 – 1 5 . 0 1 . 1 7 |

Please R E G I S T E R  A T  G O O . G L / N J 3 M 8 6

supported by Make Cheese Goldfields Farm Waihi