le confine a’int all that bad!

Lockdown is frustrating but the Vaxelaire family – traditional cheesemakers in the Vosges region of France just kept on making their famous Munster Cheese. Traditionally Munster is salted and rubbed daily until a rind forms. The Orange Red rind is then washed daily to provide its unique flavour

Lockdown has caused problems and some of the ripening Munster was forgotten about; was not rubbed daily and generally languished in the Cellar.

But the Cheese kept on ripening and when found – confounded – it had developed a part Munster taste and part Vaxelaire Cellar! A cross between Munster and Camembert reflecting the richness of the cows milk with – wait for it – the fragrance of the Cellar!  Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone this curious cheese has been given the affectionate title of le confine

So there we are – Lockdown has thrown at us yet another twist of nature! And a very interesting cheese!

Thanks to Travel Writer Alex Ledsom whose love of Cheese led us to this story!