Every year at the NZSCA Cheese Awards it is a fascinating surprise to meet a variety of highly talented, innovative cheesemakers who work away quietly honing their cheesemaking skills.

We would like to congratulate Jennifer Rodrigue and her Nubian goats on their 2019 NZSCA Homecrafted Cheesemaker Award.

Jennifer told us that basically after raising children and tending to ailing parents she got the chance to pursue what she wanted to do.

“It turned out my husband David and I had always wanted to keep goats.  We checked out the meat market because that wouldn’t “tie us down” so much but in the end decided on dairy.  We have always loved goats’ cheese and have a special affinity for the French side of Switzerland.”

Now based in Waipu Northland Jennifer and David decided on an Anglo Nubian herd due to the high fat content of milk and went pedigree so unneeded offspring would always find a home.

“I started off in my home kitchen making Chèvre and other fresh cheeses.  But as things grew we built a shed with one bay turned into a cheeseroom and one a milking parlour with a third bay available for expansion.  We have done everything with MPI registration in mind and are hoping to attain that during the upcoming milking season.”

Have a look at Jennifer’s Nubian goats – they are all individual and very much loved so no wonder they produce great goat cheese.

Belle Chevre award winning Nubians  and Paddock to Plate plus Lots of cheeses

If you would like to chat with Jennifer then the place to GO (is) AT  Belle Chevre Creamery Waipu Northland