How To Make Cheese

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  • NZ Champions of Cheese Awards – Annual Cheese Awards 2020 announced online today 6 May 2020 - It is with pleasure that we congratulate the winner of the Curds & Whey Homecrafted Cheese and Homecrafted Cheesemaker the highly talented Tony Hamblyn – It is not the first time that Tony has shown his creative winning powers having won our award before.  Obviously talented in anything that he does or produces Tony brings […]
  • Culture & other stock item hold ups … - Apologies for not being able to provide certain cultures and other basic stock items at the present moment. All suppliers are struggling a bit due to Covid 19 trading restrictions and the difficulties surrounding maintaining the supply chain. Everyone is working hard to overcome this so please be patient with us – we will try […]
  • Introducing More Vegan Cultures - We are aware of changing trends and continue to introduce new products to the New Zealand market.  Vegetarian and Vegan consumers have not had much choice in the past but we are here to change that!  Preparing a Vegan culture is more complex than one thinks and yes there is a price variation caused by […]
  • Curds & Whey will remain open …. - This is to reassure you all that we  continue to operate and are here to help and assist with any enquiries you may have. We use NZ Courier Post for deliveries and your order is inserted into a non signature pack. Therefore you do not come into contact with the Courier when it is delivered. […]