How To Make Cheese

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About Us

Curds & Whey are pleased to provide a wide range of cheese & dairy making cultures yeasts & enzymes that are outstanding as well as the equipment to make your product – cheesemolds,  books, testing equipment, wax – all aspects of cheese

We also love helping you with your problems and are always available for technical assistance and support.  This support applies to home cheese makers as well as commercial product development

We think our cheesemaking kits are great but offer only a few variations. Our rationale is buy what you need and don’t over clutter. Quality and Flexibility is the key especially when watching the budget

So if you have ever wondered what it takes to make a fabulous cheese you have come to the right place! Please browse our site and the variety of useful, long lasting, high quality products that we offer and recommend

If you have a specific request – or any questions and comments – don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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The Curds & Whey Team