Jan Walters, Crescent Dairy Goats is a unique personality and a Gold Award winner each year at the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards.  One year at the presentation ceremony when Jan won another Gold, the presenter humorously mentioned that Jan’s cheese was so excellent it had all been eaten – so no cheese to view the following day at the CheeseFest!  Jan’s standards are rigorous and she seeks quality both with her cheese and the equipment she uses.

We have just imported for the first time to NZ a food graded cheesecloth from Precision Textiles Ltd (UK) which meets high hygiene and environmental standards.  Jan decided to give our Cheesecloth a trial and I think she likes it:

IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3053

“The cloth is amazing and I don’t know how I managed to do 15 years of cheesemaking without it !!

It is so versatile and I love the fact that you can sterilize  and re-use it. It is brilliant at drawing the moisture from the surface of our Farmhouse Cheeses and it leaves a really nice smooth finish on the cheeses –  all so much more efficient than the nappy liners or frost cloth that I have used up until now.

Thankyou so much for giving us those samples at Cheesefest. I am now hooked and I reckon this season’s cheeses are going to be all the better for having your cloth around them.

All the very best, Jan and John”

I am sure that will mean another Gold for Jan!