How To Make Cheese

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  • From Acting to Cheesemaker - Former celebrities who make amazing choices. Former actor Sean Wilson founded the Saddleworth Cheese Company after leaving a very famous British soap in 2005.  He is now patron of the International Cheese Awards and has also set up The Great Northern Food Company in the UK aiming to source foods with no preservatives. He said: […]
  • NZ Cheese Month coming up … - NZ Cheese Month was such a success last year that we are doing it again.  So from October 1st until October 31st we will be celebrating cheesy things everywhere!  Check out events in your local paper, listen to the radio or tv and go along to all the crafty things coming up.  NZ Cheesemaking is […]
  • Butter can be served with Cheese - As long as it is unsalted.  Butter spread on bread makes a suitable surface for bits of crumbly cheese to stick to.  Some people also like butter because it stops runy cheeses sinking into the bread. So want to make your own butter – simple to do just use Bioprox Di-Prox 179 or Sacco MO […]
  • Sandra Crone wins the Home Crafted Cheese Category 2017 - Sandra Crone from Nelson a long time home cheesemaker has won the prestigious Home Crafted Category for her My Whey Mozzarella.  Sandra was presented with her award at the annual dinner of the NZ Specialty Cheese Association held at the Rendez Vous Hotel Auckland last night.  Great Cheese – Great Girl and a picture is […]
  • Introducing Bioprox France – contemporary French culture …s - is a subsidiary of the Proxis Development Group France and a recognised innovator in the field of Dairy Technology.  We are pleased to be able to introduce Bioprox Cultures to you. A wide, comprehensive range of culture is available with Yoghurt cultures and probiotic cultures shortly available. In the meantime please enjoy the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY […]